Bought DLR, HCP, CTL and O

Today I bought these stocks in the Traditional IRA (M) account: 10 shares of DLR at $44.87 per share. This is a new position in this account. 10 shares of HCP at $36 per share. Now I have 20 shares in this account. The cost basis is $36.85. 10 shares of CTL at $30 per share. This is a new position in this account. 40 shares of O at $37.61 per share. Now I have 207 shares in this account. … Continue reading >>

November 2013 Dividends

In the month of November, I was paid $151.20 in the Roth IRA account $558.51 in the Traditional IRA (W) account $61.24 in Traditional IRA (M) account The total for these accounts is $770.95. I have dividends automatically reinvested for all of the stocks in Roth IRA and Traditional IRA (W) accounts right now. Now I’m thinking of reinvesting dividends for core holdings only. I intend to hold core holdings for life, so it’s nice to have it ride along … Continue reading >>

Bought MCD in Traditional IRA (M)

Today, the stock market had a little sale. I was able to buy 10 shares of MCD at $96.5 per share in IRA(M) account. MCD is my tier 1 holding, and I have almost full position in the IRA(W) account. I bought these shares for trading purposes only, since the price is higher than what I want for long term. It fluctuates between $96 and $98.5 recently. I’ll sell it when it moves to the higher range. If it falls … Continue reading >>