Sold IBM

I liquidated all 40 shares of IBM in my Traditional IRA (W) account for $181.5 per share. Cash relieved $7298.89 – Acquisition cost $7286.95 = Profit $11.94. I’m happy to unload them with a small pizza gain. The only thing that I could have done differently was waiting a bit before the selling. It bounced to $182.89 as I’m writing this article. Nevertheless, I’m really happy that I didn’t lose any money, though. Warren Buffett’s investing rule No.1 is never … Continue reading >>

Sold CAT, Bought T and RCII

I sold 30 shares of CAT for $91 per share in my Traditional IRA (W) account. I’m not sure how much upside this stock has. The selling is to bring down the cost basis, pocket some profit and relieve some capital. Cash relieved $2729.95 – Acquisition cost $2645 = Profit $84.95. I have 41 shares of CAT left in this account at a cost basis of $81.96 per share. I’ll hold on tight to these. I bought 100 shares of … Continue reading >>