Latin Week Ten

It has been a while since we last learned Latin. So today we reviewed these phrases from last time: adeo – approach, reach camera – arched roof ars – art sicut – as, just as facies – aspect, appearance apud – at, at the house of faustus – auspicious, favorable malus – bad absum – I am absent New phrases for this week: ante – before initium – beginning principium – beginning, origin crede – believe optimus – best cave … Continue reading >>

Latin Week Eight

We reviewed all the Latin phrases we’ve learned so far: tabula rasa – a clean slate alma mater – a dear mother post mortem – after death inter alia – among other things sine qua non – an indispensable condition persona non grata – an unacceptable person inter pares – between equals inter nos – between ourselves inter se – between themselves ultra vires – beyond one’s legal authority per capita – by individual, by head ex officio – by virtue … Continue reading >>