Latin Week One

Last year, I thought Adventurer Jr. was going to take Spanish this year. But he wanted learn Latin first instead. I’ve decided for now we’ll learn one phrase per day, and I’ll test on Sunday to review the previous 6 phrases.

I found these free Latin websites: Surface Languages and LearnLangs. I have decided that we’ll start with the first website, then we’ll move on to the second website.

The first lesson is “Current Phases 1”. It contains nine phrases. I’ll take the first six for this week. Typing them down actually helps me learn them. I will also have Adventurer Jr. write one per day on an index card for the week to learn. Without further ado, here’s the list of phrases we will learn this week:

  • tabula rasa – a clean slate
  • alma mater – a dear mother
  • post mortem – after death
  • inter alia – among other things
  • sine qua non – an indispensable condition
  • persona non grata – an unacceptable person

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