Leaving Paris and heading back to New York

Today, we didn’t have to get up early. The little Carrefour market near our Holiday Inn opened at 8:30 this morning. It was closed yesterday due to New Year’s day. Mr. Adventurer went and bought breakfast and lunch for at the airport. We were heading home today. It’s an eight hour long plane ride. Before we left the hotel, we went to the rooftop to take last few views of Paris.

I spy Les Invalides in the far center and The Louvre to the far right

I spy Les Invalides in the far center and The Louvre to the far right

It’s raining when we left the Holiday Inn.

Rainy and gloomy

Rainy and gloomy

We used Uber to get us to Orly airport and it cost us €50. The rain was getting harder when we arrived at Orly.

The passports control took more than one hour. There were only three windows. Orly was a small airport. There was no water fountain. I had to note that there was no water fountain in London and Marrakech airports either. We didn’t have to fill out any exit or entry forms for entering or existing France. That was out of ordinary.

Waiting in line for passport control

Waiting in line for passport control

We used leftover €3.5 to buy a hotdog and we only had 0.1 euro left.

After boarding, I saw two movies to pass time. Bridget Jones’s Baby and Florence Foster Jenkins. Both were hilarious. They did make the ride seemed shorter.

After more than seven hours on the airplane, we arrived at New York – Newark airport at 10 pm.

The lines for passport control were accumulating, young kids were cranky, the process was extremely slow. Announcement was telling us that there’s a computer system issue which caused the holdup. Finally it’s our turn. The officer took our custom form and checked everyone of us against his/her passport and picture. He also asked us where did we go and for what purpose. After answering, I though we could finally leave. But he called another officer to lead us to a separate room. I was unhappy that after waiting for so long now we had to wait again in this room. I asked the person who brought us here why we were here and how long would it be. He said that he had no idea why we were detained, but assured us that it’s probably nothing and should be quick. Then another officer looked over our stuff and checked against his computer. Finally we were let go. The entire passport control process took more than two hours, which made our wait at Orly even shorter. Our delay probably was because we were in Morocco.

We then went to Enterprise to get our rental car. We picked a Dodge Caravan, the same type of car we rented and had good experience with in Alaska. It’s pretty New with only 2,000 miles on it. The cost was $150 for a day.

We drove to Hampton Inn in Mill Hall, PA. that we reserved. When we got into our rooms, it’s past eleven local time. We brushed teeth and retired to beds immediately afterward. Hotel cost was $140 for two rooms.


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