Ma‘as-sālama Morocco, Hello England

We were leaving Morocco today. We rose at 8 am and planned to take a shower but people were in there whenever we checked.

We lost interests to the same breakfast we had for the past several mornings, and couldn’t finish most of it.

I was concerned with the smell of the purse I bought at the Souks, I brought it down to the Riad people to see if I was mocked with bad product. They told me it’s genuine good leather with normal smell and the right price to buy was between 150 to 180 MAD. I was very happy that we didn’t overpay and there’s no issues with the bag. One nice guy even told me that if I wanted to make the color darker, I could just rub olive oil on it lightly. Such a great tip.

We asked our Riad to get the same taxi driver to take us to the airport at 10:30 am. The rate usually ran less than 75 MAD, but the driver had a larger car and we wanted the convenience, we offered 100 MAD for the ride. One of the Riad people helped us with our luggage to the taxi. The driver wore a suit today.

There’s only one terminal at the airport. There’s no water fountain. The bathrooms were very clean. We had to fill out five forms for departure. We exchanged our leftover MAD to euro with no fee. We exchanged $570 to MAD when we arrived, now we only had 50 euro and 30 MAD. We spent $520 cash in Morocco, plus the deposit of $90 we paid for our day trip, and Riad cost of $240, and $10 tax deposit paid on-line, it’s around $865 in Morocco alone. We planned to use the 30 MAD to buy food after we walked to our gate because the airplane was delayed for almost 2 hours departing from London. But the stores only accepted euro. We had a ticket with Euroclub business class again, and Mr. Adventurer went to their lounge and ate some food. We also had snacks that we brought.

We saw a prayer room at the airport

We saw a prayer room at the airport

My business class salmon dinner

My business class salmon dinner

Around 6:30 pm, we finally arrived at Gatwick Airport. There were so many people at the train station. We bought train tickets to London Victoria. It was a slow train and cost only £35. Then we took a Nissan Black Cab to our hotel in Paddington for £14. The Black Cab taxi looked small, yet there were three seats in the back row facing forward and two flip seats facing backward and you could put your luggage under them. There were also anchors for a wheelchair. There was a sliding door on each side of the car for getting on and off the car. The rest of our luggage were stacked next to the driver’s seat in the front of the car. All of us could fit in one Black Cab, it’s amazing and convenient. Since there were no extra charges for extra person or for luggage, it’s economical for us as well.

Our hotel lobby was small. The staircases were narrow. There was even a room with a room number in between two levels of staircases for customers. Our room was small too, but it had a small bathroom equipped with towels that were hung on a towel warmer, soap, shampoo, hairdryer, etc. The hotel was a miniature of the ones in the States. We were so excited that finally we could take nice showers at nights. There were two steam radiators in our room, and we had to call the front desk to find out how to turn them on.

Our comfy, cozy, clean and small hotel room

Our comfy, cozy, clean and small hotel room

The beds were comfortable. When we settled, it’s past 11 pm.

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