Ms. C

Ms. C was seventy-one year old, but she looked energetic and in good shape. She had blue eyes and fair skin. She moved to Las Vegas about twenty years ago from Washington because she didn’t like the rains there. That reminded me of the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”, that’s the first time Seattle was introduced to me. Then I recalled the Space Needle, and the Pike Place market, where I visited in year 2008 or so. When I was there, it didn’t rain though.

I could totally understand not liking the rains because bad weather did make people depressed. Not surprisingly, she liked the sunny Las Vegas and never thought of leaving ever since. She had a forty-two year old daughter and a thirty-nine year old son. Her son actually moved to Las Vegas first, then she came to visit and liked it. Not long after, she permanently relocated. Then her daughter followed. Las Vegas was where her family was reunited.

Ms. C’s husband had deceased before she moved to Las Vegas. She was on his social security because her social security payment was lower. She was getting $1,700 per month. She said that her late husband made good money and it required a $40,000 per year wage to have a social security payment that much, and now it required $60,000 per year wage to get the same amount. Nowadays not many companies gave out pension, she also noted.

Ms. C’s son was on track to retire on his own terms when reaching fifty-five years of age. She proudly said. I was very happy to hear that. With so many people with negative net worth, she and her son were doing well and way ahead of the majority of the population. There were smart people everywhere.

Ms. C’s son-in-law died of a terminal illness. Ms. C helped her daughter care for her son while her daughter was busy taking care of her late husband. Ms. C said about 9% of the population stepped in to take care and help raise their grandchildren in the States.

Her late mom told her that there were different things to do at different stages of a person’s life. Enjoy and cherish every stage. Ms. C said she was lucky to be able to enjoy her last stage worry free. She was very happy with her life.

Ms. C said that she wasn’t an addicted gambler. She just came here to play with a little money to get the free stuff that the casino gave out to people. She pointed out the free red sport brella chair that she was carrying. She said she got a bigger free umbrella before and gave it to her son because he had a backyard. She wanted to keep herself moving physically and mentally.

She also told me that there’s local restaurant that was famous for seafood and it cost less than $20. I asked her where did the restaurant get their snow crab. She said they were shipped with ice packs from Alaska.

Her son invited her to visit New York this winter for a vacation together. I told her not to if she didn’t like very cold weather and snow. They seemed to be a tight-knit family.

I thought she did a wonderful job raising her children. They valued family and were smart with money. I was glad that our paths briefly crossed. We wished each other well before went our separate ways.


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