My Study of Religions

I have decided to seriously study Buddhism (non-theism), Christianity (polytheism, originally a split off of Judaism), Judaism (polytheism) and Islam (one god – Allah, originally a split off of Christianity) as philosophy and learn the history of these regions for my personal enrichment. I have come across these in the past, but I never studied in detail in any of them. Whatever the reason, is irrelevant, for I’ve made my decision to start now.

Even though my parents were not religious and neither was I, Islam had a special place in my life. I was born in a region populated with muslims; grew up around muslims in a far away city; my best friends from childhood were muslims; I have distant relatives who are muslims; my favorite dishes from childhood were muslim cuisine; one of my favorite childhood books was translated One Thousand and One Nights, and I even wished when I grew up that my prince charming would be an arabic; I got a free copy of the Qurʾān in college, but I was too busy studying and getting good grades for course work, and working here and there to learn much from it. I once thought of converting to a Muslim, but that didn’t materialize. I decidedly left the Qurʾān behind during one of my relocations because my weak heart couldn’t handle it.

I had many Christian friends as well. I even went to some Bible studies. There’s the constant pressure from them to convert though, it was very tempting, but I stood my ground. When there’s pressure, there’s more resistance. I got a copy of the Bible as the graduation gift from one of them who later completed her doctor’s study in theology and became a priest. I was very open with my Christian friends that I cherished the friendship but I was not interested in converting and I viewed Bible as a history book of that region.

After I became an adult, I learned that my maternal grandfather was a long time believer in Buddhism. There were temples present where I grew up and I visited two of them. I never have touched a Sutras, yet.

So I have been into a mosque, a temple, and a church so far. Soon, I’ll attend a Jewish ceremony in a synagogue.

I feel that this study will take years to complete and I have no idea what I’ll conclude at the end of my study. Good thing that there’s no requirements and deadlines for me to follow and meet. 😉

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