No Investment Opportunity


Today is Black Friday. I don’t have the urge to go out in the cold or online to get any deals because I don’t need or want any material possessions at this time.

The stock market closed early at 1 PM. I was hoping to get some steals on business ownerships. But no, the stock market went up for most of the session, and only came down 10 minutes or so before close, and left me empty handed. I recall last Black Friday and the day before and after Christmas, the stock market went up as well. But it was reasonably valued one year ago. It’s only in hind sight, that I should have bought more good stocks back then. But I wasn’t as knowledgeable as I’m now, so I might make mistakes by buying the wrong stocks. So enough of the regrets and move on. In today’s over valued market, it’s hard for me to find good investments. I know cash makes almost nothing, but I just can’t bring myself to buy over-valued stocks. What goes up, will eventually come down. I just don’t know when it will come. Meanwhile, I’ll sit tight and be patient.

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