On our way to the much anticipated Trip

I had been sick for several days and wasn’t able to get good nights of sleep. This morning, we had to get up at 4 am to catch the American Eagle airplane at 6:45 am. I was tired and sleepy but excited about our new adventures. We left our car at local airport parking lot and boarded the airport shuttle to our terminal.

Beautiful early morning view seen from airplane

Beautiful early morning view, seen from airplane

We arrived at New York LaGuardia airport at 7:45 am. Our next flight is at JFK airport but not until 6:45 pm. Since we had more than ten hours before our next flight, we decided to spend the time at American Admiral club at LaGuardia because the one at JFK was closed for renovation. We paid $59 each with two credit cards to get into the secluded lounge with the benefits of kids staying with us for free. But we actually paid $0 because later our card companies would refund us the money due to a special deal they offered.

Before we paid, the receptionist at the front desk warned us that there was a heater issue and the lounge was very hot. And she wasn’t kidding. We were being baked in 85°F, which reminded me of our Cancún trip, except that we were in winter clothes. And the lounge had two upright fans blowing winds.

We settled into one end of the lounge. The sofa chairs were much comfortable than the hard surface chairs in the regular lounge areas. The one person bathroom was very clean and nicely scented. We had free wifi and charger outlets for as long as we stayed there.  People working there were of Mexican descendants. We ate simple breakfast that was provided by the lounge. I kept drinking iced water and took several cat naps in between to recuperate. At lunchtime, they switched breakfast out with a soup, orange and green pepper salad, olives, and pita chips. The chicken coconut curry soup wasn’t any soup I tasted before. A little spicy, a little tart sour. I could smell the lemon. It also had carrots, celery, orange pepper, spinach, onion and a few chicken chunks. I couldn’t taste or smell any coconut. At least it was nutritious. We all ate that and some snacks that we brought as lunch, except Adventurer Jr.

It’s a critical time for Adventurer Jr. to grow, I took him to the food court and bought him two chicken sandwiches for $9.99 each, and a protein bar that cost $3.59. Plus $1.77 tax, his lunch amount to $25.34. That was really expensive for the food he got. There’s a lobster roll sandwich with a price of $18, but he didn’t want that. We saw each seat had an iPad installed in front of it. That’s how they could pay for the gadgets, I said to Adventurer Jr.

At 3 o’clock, we left LaGuardia airport and hopped on a Über for JFK airport. The distance usually takes 30 minutes, but since it’s rush hour in New York already (can you believe it?), it took about 50 minutes. The fare would’ve been $60+, but we paid $0 because of a promotion Über gave to its first-time customers. The British Airways airplane to London departed on time.

Next in the series: Ahlan Marrakech, Morocco


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