MATHCOUNTS Regional Competition

Adventurer Jr. left home early this morning to compete at the regional MATHCOUNTS Competition. He ranked seventh on the Sprint round and eighth overall. But he isn’t going to the state competition because he is on Junior Varsity.  The lesson here is that no matter how good you are, if you are not on the Varsity team you are going nowhere. But I’m still very proud of him of getting such good rankings today.

Best Massage I ever had

Adventurer Jr. II wanted to give me a massage. I was skeptical, but we just bought some new lotion and my skin wasn’t so smooth, thanks to the wonderful winter. 😉 So I agreed to let him massage my lower extremities. He did a great job. Psychologically, I felt more so. After it’s all done. He gave me a voucher and said it’s good for life. Seriously? Free massage for life? I’m speechless. He is such a sweet little boy. … Continue reading >>

Invitational Science Olympiad Competition

1-18-2014 Adventurer Jr. left home at 6:25 am to go to an invitational science competition. The school bus didn’t come back to school until 6:50 pm. It was a long day for the students. Solon, OH was the national number one. A school from Pennsylvania was very good as well. Adventurer Jr.’s school was pretty bad this year. He felt he did very well on a test for an event, but his partner supposed to build a lever for that … Continue reading >>

Cold Winter

This winter is very cold and snowy. I recall when we traveled to an orchard in the fall, and the apples were huge and tasty. There was an old saying that a nice harvest of apples means that nature somehow knows the winter will be cold. That’s nature’s way of providing extra food for the cold winter. I didn’t wish for a cold winter and was skeptical at that time. What about global warming? I guess the old folk’s rule … Continue reading >>


I liked the Beatles’ songs in my younger years. Since then, I have been busy making a living and making a better living. I was just living, day after day, and rarely listened to my collections anymore. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know where they are right now. Today, I want to record the lyrics of “Imagine” in this post. That’s one of the best of their songs, in my opinion. “Imagine” Imagine there’s no heaven It’s … Continue reading >>

Warm Blanket

Adventurer Jr. brought a fleece blanket back from school today. He made it during family consumer science class. The blanket was so warm and cozy! He said he would gift it to his grandma.  Adventure Jr. made a pillow early in the year and gave it to his great-grandpa. Such a sweet boy, I’m so proud of him! … Continue reading >>

Feeding Time

11-24-2013 After lunch today, I took Adventurer Jr. II and III to a free educational program at our local nature reserve. Biology is one of Adventurer Jr. II’s favorite subjects, so you can guess how excited he was. At the program, my kids got to feed a frog, a snake, and a salamander. When it was time to feed the snake, Adventurer Jr. III dropped a worm into it’s cage. It was his first time touching a worm, and he … Continue reading >>