2016 – 2017 Science Olympiad Review

The Experience: Adventurer Jr. II joined Science Olympiad again this year. This was his second year of doing Science Olympiad. He and his partner got seventh place for Ecology at their first invitationals. And they got fifth place for Ecology at their second invitationals. They also participated in Bottled Rockets and Wright stuff. The Science Olympiad regionals had a conflict with MathCounts state competitions. Both he and his partner made to State MathCounts. They decided that they’d go to MathCounts instead of Science … Continue reading >>

Adventurer Jr.’s Driving and Car Planning

Adventurer Jr. is going to be old enough to drive in a year. Where did all the time go? We’ll take him to Knowledge and Vision Screening this winter to get his temporary instruction permit identification card. We’ll teach him how to drive next Summer and complete a Driver Education class at a licensed driver training school. We also need to add his name to our insurance without a cost once he starts driving until he gets his real license. We are planning … Continue reading >>

2016 Summer Debate Camp Review

The Experience We signed Adventurer Jr. up for a weeklong LD debate camp. The drive was about 1 hour one way. That’s 20 hours of driving for the week. Quite a commitment. I got pulled over on Wednesday morning. I told the police that I was on my way to get Adventurer Jr. to a camp and wasn’t familiar with the speed limit in the neighborhood. He gave me a verbal warning after looking at my driver’s license. There was a tournament … Continue reading >>

2016 Summer Quizbowl Camp Review

The Experience We packed things up, had an early lunch and left home at 12:30 pm on Wednesday. The hosting school was about 2 hours of driving distance away. We were mostly on interstate 77 heading south. We had never been to that part of Ohio before and realized that the scenery was beautiful with lush green trees, farms, and little towns connected by little towns. After checking in and helping Adventurer Jr. set his dorm room up, we hugged, said goodbye … Continue reading >>

A Fun Day in June 2016

The Experience Today we went to see 3D “Independence Day: Resurgence” at the movie theater that we could lie down. Instead of afternoon showings, we opted to see the morning one at 11:15, that saved us $5 per person. To prepare for this sequel, we watched a free streaming of original “Independence Day” made in 1996 in our living room two weeks ago. I enjoyed the sequel as well as original, but Adventurer Jr. said we should have seen Disney’s “Finding … Continue reading >>

Ms. C

Ms. C was seventy-one year old, but she looked energetic and in good shape. She had blue eyes and fair skin. She moved to Las Vegas about twenty years ago from Washington because she didn’t like the rains there. That reminded me of the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”, that’s the first time Seattle was introduced to me. Then I recalled the Space Needle, and the Pike Place market, where I visited in year 2008 or so. When I was there, it didn’t rain though. … Continue reading >>

Good or Bad?

It’s all relative and depends on the perspective. One of Mr. Adventurer’s co-workers had gotten fired right before last Christmas. He had been very sad and worried about the prospect of going back to India since he was on H1 Visa. Good thing he had worked with a consulting firm and found a consultant job before it expired so he’d packed and left town for his new job in the Golden State. Several days ago, there’s a piece of local news mentioning … Continue reading >>

2016 MathCON Regional and National Competitions

Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II took the MathCON computerized Competition on March 4th. Adventurer Jr. ranked the 5th and Adventurer Jr. II got a perfect score and ranked 3rd regionally out of total 45,000 students in 6 regions. The tie breaker for perfect scores was timing but Adventurer Jr. II wasn’t aware of that and spent time checking his answers. They both got invited to national finals in Chicago for MathCON competition on April the 23rd. The national competition was … Continue reading >>

A day of Family Fun

We drove to the Cleveland Museum of Arts in the morning. There’s a special showing of Pharaoh: King of Ancient Egypt. However, we didn’t pay to see it because we figured all the free exhibitions would’ve taken a long time anyways. There were three levels. Most of the exhibitions were on first and second levels, and the basement level was mainly for educational purpose with classrooms and a teacher resource center. We started from first level, then moved on to second level. … Continue reading >>