2015 – 2016 MathCounts Review

Adventurer Jr. II got second place for written exams (Sprint and Target rounds), third place for oral count down round in chapter’s MathCounts competition out of 100+ contestants. His team got second place out of fourteen teams. He took three trophies home. That’s a huge achievement since this was his first time competing in MathCounts. He went to State in March and ranked 59th place out of 184 students, the highest from his school. His team ranked 20th place. I’m … Continue reading >>

2015 – 2016 Debate Season Review

The Experience Adventurer Jr. participated in six LD competitions throughout the season and was lettered. He got the Degree of Merit and Degree of Honor recognition from the National Forensic League. He’ll do debate for all four seasons of high school. Adventurer Jr. II was introduced to debate too and he was very interested and wanted to do LD as well. The Cost: $517.22 One sport wool jacket and 2 pairs of wool pants with great discount: $121.67 (original price $531.66) … Continue reading >>

A Relaxing and Fun day

The second trimester had ended and we took the kids out to see a movie and eat dinner for a little celebration. We drove to a movie theater in a little town that’s about 40 minutes from us. The movie ticket price was about $2 higher than ordinary theater per person for 3-D viewing. We went to Kung Fu Panda 3 viewing room without buying popcorn or anything else. Upon entering, I noticed that the spaces between rows of chairs were … Continue reading >>

2016 Middle School Math League

Adventurer Jr. II took the Math League test and got 100%! That’s the first time in 30 years that his school had anyone who got the perfect score! Way to go! This also meant that he ranked number one in our State! He got invited to the 5th Annual Math League Summer International Tournament in NJ. However, we think this event doesn’t worth it and are not planning on attending. … Continue reading >>

2015 – 2016 Science Olympiad Review

The Experience Adventurer Jr. II was in three events and went to two invitationals. He didn’t place in any of his events in these two competitions. He did learn stuff from this experience. His school had four teams this season instead of two for previous seasons. There were two sixth-grader  teams and the rest of the teams consisted of seventh and eighth graders. Due to competition conflict with state MathCounts, he couldn’t commit to Science Olympiad’s regional and state competitions, so he had … Continue reading >>

A Weekend of Trick or Treat Activities

It’s Halloween time! We went to a township party on Saturday at a local park. There were refreshments like donuts, juice and coffee. Since we didn’t eat lunch, the donuts tasted so good to us. I had a cup of black coffee afterward to wash down sugar with. After that we walked to the game area. Adventurer Jr. II and III played many games. Last, we walked the trick or treat trail. Adventurer Jr. III was so happy and excited. He wore a … Continue reading >>

AXP and Small Business Saturday

AXP got hit hard yesterday due to its earnings. I don’t own any AXP and am not planning on getting any shares because I’m not sure of its business. I did like their Small Business Saturday statement credit though and had been taken advantage of it in the past two years. As I was getting ready for American Express Small Business Saturday, I realized that American Express will not give any credit back for shopping at Small Businesses on Small Business Saturday this year per … Continue reading >>

Field Trip

Adventurer Jr. III went to a farm with his school today. He had a lot of fun there and was so excited to tell us about it. He saw pigs, cows, a peacock, fed the chickens, did a hayride, and picked pumpkin. He said that he was so tired afterward that he fell asleep on the returning bus to school. He brought a small pumpkin home and I’m going to make pumpkin soup for the family.

Pumpkin Decorating

I took Adventurer Jr. III to a pumpkin decorating session. Each kid was given a small pumpkin and a kit for decorating it. Adventurer Jr. III did all the things himself for the pumpkin. When everyone was done, they got a pumpkin muffin and a little cup of pumpkin soup for snack. Adventurer Jr. III loved the pumpkin soup, so I asked for the recipe. It was a fun event.

Mrs. D

Mrs. D was my former next door neighbor on the west side. We built our houses around the same time. When we moved to the new community in the summer, we had to install the lawn, and make the flower beds. We saw each other a lot in the yards while doing yard work. Mrs. D worked as a special-needs teacher in an elementary school. She retired soon after we moved here. Her husband was a janitor for an elementary school. One … Continue reading >>