San José Trip Prep

I’m taking Adventurer Jr. To San José for his USA Taekwondo Nationals. My time zone is 3 hours ahead of San José time.

Things to bring:

  • ID – birth certificate or passport (If confirmed, don’t need it)
  • USAT Membership card and Student ID (If confirmed, they didn’t check them, but bring them nonetheless)
  • Insurance Card
  • Competition Confirmation printout, must bring
  • Backpacks – 2 (1 for fighting gear, 1 for electronics, and misc)
  • Taekwondo uniform and belt, paddle, all pads
  • Spectator Ticket printouts
  • Carry-on luggage – 2 for both clothes (underwear, socks, shorts, pants, t-shirts, sweater)
  • Laptop
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Chargers for all
  • Cord for connecting Mac with iPad
  • Lavender to help with sleep
  • Scale
  • Eye glasses
  • Training notes
  • Clif bars

Things need done after we arrive there:

  • Buy water
  • Sunday morning: Bring a hotel towel to tournament site
  • Midnight Sunday: Flight confirmation and Print A boarding pass


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