Second Ski Lesson of 2015

The ski lessons have finally arrived! Adventurer Jr. II and I got up early and were the first to arrive at 8:10 am. Logistics started at 8:15. After that, we went to the ski rental section. The line was long, and it took us a while to get our equipment. The boots were very heavy, however we finally managed to put them on after some struggling. They were warm, but uncomfortable to walk around in. Then, we found an unoccupied locker and left our regular shoes there.

With all of our preparation finished, we went outside to look for our beginner’s class. When we arrived, class had already started. First, our instructor taught us how to walk in ski boots.  She also showed us how to move sideways and how to walk sideways while climbing up a slope. The key is to bend the lower leg inward at the knee. To prevent from falling backward, the upper body needs to keep straight, and the shins need to touch against the front of the boots. At the end of class, we received a green sticker as a reward for our hard work.

After class was dismissed, I practiced on my own. I had about 3 hours to repeat what I had learned during the class. The weather was becoming warmer, and I was sweating in my coat. Next class, I’ll remember to dress lighter. After several falls, I improved on my technique. At 12:30, I decided to call it a day and headed to return the equipment. My lower shin bones were hurting from the wool socks rubbing against the ski boots. Next time, I’ll just wear my normal socks. It felt so good to be in my own comfy shoes again. Also I’ll buy a pair of ski wrist bands for each of us.

Next lesson, I’ll master turning and stopping. I’m looking forward to it.

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