Shopping for Lamb

After lunch we went to a market, the market where I met Mrs. A and her husband. Adventurer Jr. II recalled that we had friends there. I was hoping to see her and her husband at the vegetables and fruits aisle, but they were not there. Their booth was occupied by someone else. We hadn’t come there for years. They must have been doing well and she mustn’t need to sell vegetables there anymore.

We bought three heads of broccoli for $1, two bunches of carrots for $1, and huge plums for $5 at $1.99 per pound. Then we walked to the meats aisle.

We asked for a whole lamb that weighed 62 pounds at $5.25 per pound. The butcher cut it for me the way I wanted. I got shoulders, breasts, ribs, chops, and legs. Mr. Adventurer said that the lamb would be my birthday present. How practical. We bought some Gyro and ground lamb there as well. Their ground lamb was $5.99 per pound, which was $1 more than the place where we usually bought ground lamb from. We should stick with that place for ground lamb when there’s a sale and stock it up.

One whole lamb

One whole lamb

I packed the lamb individually in our freezer. Now I need to make some yummy food with lamb. Here’s a list to start with:

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