Sold IBM

I liquidated all 40 shares of IBM in my Traditional IRA (W) account for $181.5 per share. Cash relieved $7298.89 – Acquisition cost $7286.95 = Profit $11.94. I’m happy to unload them with a small pizza gain. The only thing that I could have done differently was waiting a bit before the selling. It bounced to $182.89 as I’m writing this article. Nevertheless, I’m really happy that I didn’t lose any money, though. Warren Buffett’s investing rule No.1 is never lose money. Someone else also said that there’s no bad stock, only bad price. So true. Had I bought IBM at a higher price, I wouldn’t be so happy now. Looks like IBM will not have a good growth turn around story in the near future. There is no need to lock my money in a stock that may stay low for a while. However, I may pick some shares up when it drops to $160 – $165 range.

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