Starting the Trip

The Experience

With much anticipation and preparation, we got our luggage ready in the morning, including buying bags of snacks to avoid paying high food prices on the airplanes and at the airports. We went to a buffet for brunch. Then we officially started our trip by driving to a Sheraton hotel near our airport and taking its free shuttle to the airport to reduce the parking fee.

The American Airlines’ airplane departed on-time around 3:30 pm and we arrived at Dallas, TX after a little more than 2 hours. I had been to Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Austin many years ago when I was a poor student. We might have a family vacation with the five of us visiting Texas in the future.

Beautiful Clouds seen from our airplane

Beautiful Clouds seen from our airplane

We had a little over one hour of layover. As we walked to our next gate in a hurry, I saw shops selling beautiful cowboy/girl boots and hats. If we visit the Lone Star State in the future, I will definitely buy a pair of boots and a hat. After a short wait, we took another airplane to Las Vegas. When we arrived less than two hours later, it’s around 8:30 pm, or 11:30 pm my time. The pilot broadcasted: “Welcome to Lost Wages”. Everyone laughed.

We rode a tram followed by a shuttle bus to the car rental company. The SUV we reserved wasn’t available anymore, so they gave us a free upgrade to a BMW SUV. It’s a fancy car with only 500 miles on it. It had a sunroof and Adventurer Jr. liked it. We learned the price of the car was around $40,000 after googling it. This was the first time that we were in such a pricey car. It’s a nice experience in itself that we get to feel what it liked to temporarily own such a car without paying the sticker price. It reminded me of our old Honda CR-V, except that it had amenities like the sunroof, and keyless ignition.

Our rental black BMW SUV

Our rental new black BMW SUV

We drove to and checked into our hotel right next to Circus Circus at the North end of the Strip. The hotel was at full capacity. It’s a VERY shabby and crappy hotel but convenient for our next day’s activities. It’s the worst hotel that we have been into. But we made do.

The Clown

The Clown

Circus Circus, one of the major casinos on the Strip

Circus Circus, one of the major casinos on the Strip

By the time we got ourselves settled and ready for bed, it’s around 11:30 pm, that’s 2:30 am my time already. It had been a long day. We heard all sorts of noises the entire night. The Strip was sleepless? The most noticeable sounds were sirens since our neighborhood back home was very quiet and serene in the nights. We couldn’t have a good night’s sleep due to all these distractions. We were all still excited about tomorrow though.

Financial Implications of the Day: Would’ve Cost: $443.05, Actual Cost: $124.05

  • Brunch: $48
  • Parking fee for the entire trip: $66
  • Sandwich and milk for Adventurer Jr. at the Dallas airport: $7.67 + $2.37 = $10.05
  • Car rental: $240 for our entire stay, cost us $0. When returning the car, we found out that the busy season had just started, $240 would’ve only got us a two-day rental of our original car and the BMW upgrade would’ve cost us $240 per day. It’s a very good money saving’s tip to plan and book the trip early.
  • Hotel with free breakfast and Wi-Fi by Circus Circus: $79, cost us 0


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