Summer 2017 Debate Camps

The Experience

Adventurer Jr.

Adventurer Jr. attended a seven-day residential LD camp at a small college. Many great debaters came to this camp. He was staying in the same dorm room with a student from his HS. He worked really hard at the camp. The camp was intense according to him and he wasn’t even able to do FaceTime with us. We texted sometimes. The camp competition started on Friday night, continued into Saturday, and it didn’t finish until after 6 pm. The awards ceremony followed and lasted after 7 pm. Adventurer Jr. got 2-2 and didn’t break, but he did his best at this camp.

Adventurer Jr. II

Adventurer Jr. II competed in PF in Nationals and placed 7th. But he had to find a new partner if he wanted to stay in PF because his partner at Nationals would go to HS next season. His coach definitely wanted him to continue with PF.

When I registered him for this five half-day camp, we hadn’t decided what to do with it except that we knew PF at this camp would be too easy and inappropriate for him. Right before the camp started, he had decided that he would still do PF next season, but for this camp, he would do Congress to diversify.

The Congress coach was a four-time Nationals qualifier in HS, but he only competed three times due to a conflict with an international orchestra performance in P. R. China that he wanted to go to. He helped an HS student qualify and break into semi-finals in Congress at Nationals. To make a long story short, he was a very competent Congress coach. He taught at the camp for three days. Our HS Congress National competitor was in charge when our Congress coach wasn’t there.

Adventurer Jr. II made the most out of the camp and learned a lot. He was diligent with his research in the afternoon while working by himself. The two hours of the last half day was reserved for competitions and he won.

The Cost: would’ve cost: $1,590; actual cost: $1,241

  • Adventurer Jr. camp fee: would’ve cost: $1,490; actual cost: $1,142 by paying early and taking multiple students from the same school discount of $50.
  • Adventurer Jr. II camp fee: $100

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