Swim Lesson


Adventurer Jr. II watched me while I was swimming freestyle in the pool today. Now I can swim half the pool, even though I still have to push off the wall. He said that it’s time for some improvement, so he demonstrated how to do push offs underwater. That improved my swimming abilities greatly.

I remember when I first started swimming in August. During my first several swims, I felt very afraid and thought that I would drown (which didn’t happen). Adventurer Jr. II helped me, and I knew he would catch me if I suddenly became immobile and plunged into the deep, dark depths of the 3 feet pool. I also had to stop swimming to change air. Now I can breath while swimming, which is key to swimming a longer distance.

Now, it seems that I have improved greatly. My fear of water (at least swimming in it) has gone away for the most part, though I’m still afraid of anywhere deeper than 5 feet. Adventurer Jr. II thought I should take one of his own “swimming tests” and hopefully graduate to Level 2.5.

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