Veni, Vidi, but no Vici the Wild West of Arizona, Nevada and Utah

The Experience Day One – Saturday 5/28/2016 – Starting the Trip Day Two – Sunday 5/29/2016 – A day in Lost Wages, Nevada Day Three – Monday 5/30/2016 – Visiting Zion National Park in Utah Day Four – Tuesday 5/31/2016 – A day of Fun in Page, Arizona Day Five – Wednesday 6/1/2016 – Grand Canyon, Arizona Day Six – Thursday 6/2/2016 – Hoover Dam, Nevada Day Seven – Friday 6/3/2016 – Lost Wages Strip Day Eight – Saturday 6/4/2016 – … Continue reading >>

The World Wonders that I have been to

The Seven Natural Wonders of The World: Mount Everest in Nepal Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA – Visited on 6/1/2016 Great Barrier Reef in Australia – Visited on 8/10/2014 Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) – Visited on 3/26/2014 Parícutin volcano in Mexico Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The Classic Seven Wonders of the World: Great Pyramid of Giza Hanging Gardens of Babylon Statue of Zeus at Olympia Temple of Artemis at Ephesus Mausoleum at Halicarnassus Colossus … Continue reading >>

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Experience Our hotel had a free shuttle bus transporting people to and from the Grand Canyon every thirty minutes. After talking to the hotel clerk we learned that there should still be many free parking spaces at Grand Canyon. We decided to drive there since we had bought the pass for our car last night when driving to our hotel, and it’s valid for six days, on top of that, we could avoid the bus waiting time. After eating breakfast, we packed and … Continue reading >>

A day of Fun in Page, Arizona

The Experience Today was devoted to a small town in Northern Arizona called Page, which was built in 1957 to house workers who were building the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River and their families. Page was named after John C. Page, head of the Reclamation Commission, which constructed the dam. We saw many Native Americans, specifically Navajo descendents, lived and worked in Page. The Navajo people revered coyote greatly. I recall a group project I did while working on my Bachelor of Science degree about … Continue reading >>

Grand Canyon, AZ Trip Prep

The Grand Canyon is our top destination of this trip. Here’s a list of things to do in Grand Canyon by US News. Most of the historical buildings are located at South Rim. We definitely should go there. Here’s a web page just for South Rim. Learning at South Rim. View of Havasupai. Here are some maps of Grand Canyon. Here’s an official free guide I signed up for. Grand Canyon Field Institute programs might be good for our family. But there’s a … Continue reading >>

The wild west of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah Trip Prep

We are planning on a 9-day trip to the wild west of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. We’ll fly to Las Vegas, NV. The round trip takes about 2 days. So the actual sightseeing for this trip is about 7 days. The main attraction of this trip is the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. We’ll drive 5 hours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and stay 1 night and 2 days there including driving time. Hopi House in Grand … Continue reading >>