2017 April – May Basketball Camp

The Experience Adventurer Jr. III took a different basketball camp this time. The fee was much higher, but it’s a smaller class with only seven kids. The camp had seven sessions. Adventurer Jr. III is getting better and better at basketball. We’ll get him a camp in the summer, hopefully at a cheaper rate. The Cost: $140 Camp fee: $140   … Continue reading >>

2017 Feb. – March Basketball Camp

The Experience Adventurer Jr. III joined a basketball camp. This one was cheap at $45, but he had to bring his own basketball each practice, which wasn’t a problem at all because we have so many basketballs at home. The camp was on Sundays from 6 to 7:15 pm for five weeks. He has been improving on his ball handling, passing and shooting techniques. He appeared more confident at the games. Every player received a camp t-shirt at the end. … Continue reading >>

2016 Winter Basketball Camp Review

The Experience The camp was offered by Adventurer Jr. III’s school and they worked on dribbling, ball passing, shooting, team work, and game rules. There were eight sessions and cheaper, but the number of children at least doubled from the Fall camp he participated in. There were about 80 children in the gym. It was a good workout for the kids but wasn’t so good a basketball experience as the Fall camp. We’ll sign him up for a program near our house … Continue reading >>

2016 Fall Basketball Camp Review

The Experience Adventurer Jr. III joined a six-session camp. He had grown so much in the sport and art of basketball. He enjoyed the training and games. Last night was his last session for this camp. The camp location was a little far out of our way. We didn’t sign him up for the next camp because of that. However, there’s another camp that was organized by his school and we signed him up. Basketball, swimming and Tae Kwon Do … Continue reading >>

2016 Summer Basketball Review

The Experience Our school district offered a free basketball dribbling and handling camp in July for 1 hour in the morning on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Adventurer Jr. II’s grade for six sessions. But he missed two sessions. There were twenty+ kids in the camp. Basketball wasn’t his sport but we wanted him to have some formal training and do exercise. He isn’t going to do any basketball camp anymore. The Cost: $0 $0 … Continue reading >>

All Sports Camp Summer 2016 Review

The Experience We signed Adventurer Jr. II and III up for a week of all sports camp. They did basketball, baseball, and soccer. It was a fun experience but Adventurer Jr. II wouldn’t be doing it anymore because he said that the rest of the kids were less than or equal to ten years old. The Cost: $140 $70 x 2 = $140. The original price was $192/person/week. We got this great discount from Groupon. If we can get this … Continue reading >>