Hola, Mexico

After days of careful planning, we were on our way to our Mexico adventure. We were based in the Cancún Hotel Zone for this trip, which meant we’d come back there to sleep every night. We also wanted to experience authentic culture and see the locals. So, we’d venture out the hotel zone during the days. Day One (Wednesday) On our way to Cancún Day Two (Thursday) Our visit of Chichén Itzá Day Three (Friday) A relaxing day in Hotel Zone Day Four (Saturday) The big day at … Continue reading >>

Chill out in Hotel Zone

We took it slow today to recuperate from yesterday’s adventure. First, we visited a beach in the hotel zone in the morning, which was five minutes from our hotel. It was a nice early morning, and not many people were on the beach yet. Instead of renting an umbrella and a lounge chair, I found a shady area under the lifeguard hut. I placed a towel on the sand and made myself some nice quarters. I sat there watching our … Continue reading >>

Leaving home for Cancún

We left home and arrived at the airport on time, however the airplane did not. So, Southwest played “gate games” in which they would ask random questions to the passengers in their gate once in a while, and correct answers would earn themselves a $50 voucher. The last one wasn’t a question, however. The Southwest agent asked the Group B, Position 36 ticket holders to receive a free voucher. She said there should be two people, and Mr. Adventurer was lucky … Continue reading >>

Cancún, Mexico Trip Prep

We are planning on going to Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico sometime in the year of 2015 for 7 days. The peak tourist season is from December to April. Spring break seems to be the worst time there due to Spring Breakers descend on the Yucatán’s shores. Summer break is probably not good because sweltering weather there. That left us with Winter break. Detailed List: Cancún is about 7 hours of flight away. Not that bad. Cancún time is 1 hour behind my local time … Continue reading >>