Sold 2006 Toyota Corolla

I have learned from previous experiences that owning a car longer didn’t necessarily always make any financial sense. And that’s the reason for selling my 2006 Toyota now. The purchase price of my 2006 Toyota Corolla was $16,371. I paid $1,023.19 of taxes on it.  Plus standard Doc fee of $250 and title fee of about $35. I also had a set of snow tires and rims for $600. The total cost amounted to $18,279.19. The Toyota was sold for $5,000 … Continue reading >>

Adventurer Jr.’s Driving and Car Planning

Adventurer Jr. is going to be old enough to drive in a year. Where did all the time go? We’ll take him to Knowledge and Vision Screening this winter to get his temporary instruction permit identification card. We’ll teach him how to drive next Summer and complete a Driver Education class at a licensed driver training school. We also need to add his name to our insurance without a cost once he starts driving until he gets his real license. We are planning … Continue reading >>

Replace Car Battery

Mr. Adventurer’s car couldn’t be started this morning. He thought that the battery might be the issue. So he removed it from his car and brought it to an AutoZone to have it checked. Indeed, the battery was died. It cost $120 to get a new battery from AutoZone, but he went to Sam’s and got it for $90 instead. After he installed the new battery to his car, the car magically started working. I recall batteries didn’t cost that … Continue reading >>

How to get the best deal when buying a car?

We’ve been planning on buying a car for a while. Finally we pulled the trigger this summer and got a car we wanted with a great price. Here’s how we did it. Timing is everything The best time to buy a car is around end of June and early July that’s when dealerships are getting new models and trying to move inventory for the new cars. Do your homework Research on which car suits your need. Also know the selling … Continue reading >>

Replacing a Side-View Mirror

About two weeks ago I ripped the passenger side-view power mirror off. Don’t ask me how I did it 😉 . The attaching/connecting plastic rod and wire were broken. Mr. Adventurer ordered a new set of side-view mirror. However, the cover all came in black color. He was thinking of painting it ourselves before mounting it to the car. After the mirror arrived, as he was playing with it, I thought maybe he could just switch the contents out since my old … Continue reading >>