2017 Debate Nationals

The Experience: Adventurer Jr. II had a successful regular season and was selected to participate in Middle School Nationals in Birmingham, Alabama from June the 21st to 23rd. Day One: June 19th, 2017 Adventurer Jr. and his partner got all their cases ready last night. He went to swimming from 9 to 11 am this morning. I took him to get a new belt for his suits afterward. Also, I bought him a pair of sunglasses and slippers because we … Continue reading >>

2016 – 2017 Debate Season Review

The Experience Adventurer Jr. did LD debate again this year. He needed to participate in eight tournaments to letter, which was two more than last year and it meant that he could only miss three of the scheduled tournaments. He fulfilled the lettering requirement again and got his letter for the second year. After that a BQD opportunity presented itself, and he competed in State Novice BQD for the first time and placed 8th. He also participated in a BQD … Continue reading >>

2016 Summer Debate Camp Review

The Experience We signed Adventurer Jr. up for a weeklong LD debate camp. The drive was about 1 hour one way. That’s 20 hours of driving for the week. Quite a commitment. I got pulled over on Wednesday morning. I told the police that I was on my way to get Adventurer Jr. to a camp and wasn’t familiar with the speed limit in the neighborhood. He gave me a verbal warning after looking at my driver’s license. There was a tournament … Continue reading >>

2015 – 2016 Debate Season Review

The Experience Adventurer Jr. participated in six LD competitions throughout the season and was lettered. He got the Degree of Merit and Degree of Honor recognition from the National Forensic League. He’ll do debate for all four seasons of high school. Adventurer Jr. II was introduced to debate too and he was very interested and wanted to do LD as well. The Cost: $517.22 One sport wool jacket and 2 pairs of wool pants with great discount: $121.67 (original price $531.66) … Continue reading >>

2015 Summer Debate Camp Review

The Experience Adventurer Jr. joined the Speech and Debate camp offered from his school district. All students in middle school and above were allowed to join. There were 25 students in this weeklong half day camp. Adventurer Jr. learned a lot and really enjoyed the camp. He won the LD debate at the end of the camp and got a $10 gift card. He’d join the high school debate team in the fall. Adventurer Jr. II will take this camp … Continue reading >>