Changing out Toilet Seats

Our toilet seats have becoming unsightly. We had the same ones ever since we built this house eight years ago. The kids gave them many good beatings during these years. So I asked Mr. Adventurer to check it out whether we can change them out ourselves. He went to Home Depot and bought them for $13 per set x 3. One was the soft and comfy kind for the master bedroom. The one in the master bedroom would be moved … Continue reading >>

Apocalypse Survival Guide

Last week, Adventurer Jr. suggested we should write a disaster survival guide specific to us. First, we’ll need a fire source for cooking and boiling water. The easiest source is a fire pit in the back yard. Trees are abundant outside, so fuel isn’t a problem. To start a fire, we can use collected lint from the dryer. You can buy it in stores as well, but I’d rather use my own. Next on the agenda is food. This spring … Continue reading >>

Solar Panel

Everything will degrade overtime, and solar panels are no exception. A good quality and well-maintained solar panel can last around 40 years with good output, and most manufacturers will offer a warranty of 25 years. Solar panels are delicate systems that are designed to be installed in a safe location. The only semi-safe place for us is on the roof. Even then, that raises the challenge of cleaning them regularly. Also, it might get hit by lightning (this is how … Continue reading >>

Tiling the Walls

11-29-2013 Earlier in May, Mr. Adventurer and I wanted to do a backdrop tile in the kitchen by ourselves. Since that’s our first home improvement project, we were very cautious. We went to Home Depot’s free seminar and watched some instructional videos. After we bought the supplies, we did the step-by-step instructions and utilized the tips we learned at Home Depot. Things went smoothly, and the tile enhanced the look of the kitchen greatly. With that momentum, we tiled the … Continue reading >>

To Solar, or Not to Solar, that is the Question

11-23-2013 My electric bill is around $100 per month. I always thought that I should have solar panels on my roof to produce electricity. It’s green, therefore better for the environment. I could switch to a space heater to take advantage of the electricity generated by the solar panel. And I don’t need to depend on the power company for my electricity needs. The upfront cost could be high and I might not be able to recoup the initial investment … Continue reading >>