November 2013 Dividends

In the month of November, I was paid $151.20 in the Roth IRA account $558.51 in the Traditional IRA (W) account $61.24 in Traditional IRA (M) account The total for these accounts is $770.95. I have dividends automatically reinvested for all of the stocks in Roth IRA and Traditional IRA (W) accounts right now. Now I’m thinking of reinvesting dividends for core holdings only. I intend to hold core holdings for life, so it’s nice to have it ride along … Continue reading >>

Bought MCD in Traditional IRA (M)

Today, the stock market had a little sale. I was able to buy 10 shares of MCD at $96.5 per share in IRA(M) account. MCD is my tier 1 holding, and I have almost full position in the IRA(W) account. I bought these shares for trading purposes only, since the price is higher than what I want for long term. It fluctuates between $96 and $98.5 recently. I’ll sell it when it moves to the higher range. If it falls … Continue reading >>

No Investment Opportunity

11-29-2013 Today is Black Friday. I don’t have the urge to go out in the cold or online to get any deals because I don’t need or want any material possessions at this time. The stock market closed early at 1 PM. I was hoping to get some steals on business ownership. But no, the stock market went up for most of the session, and only came down 10 minutes or so before the close, and left me empty handed. … Continue reading >>

Traditional IRA (M) Trades

11-26-2013 I bought 20 shares, that pay monthly dividends, of O at $38 per share, which in total costed $760. That brings the total share I have in this account to 167. I have had my eyes set on O for awhile. Even though the price is higher than buying in bulk, I don’t know when or if it will drop to my price, so I went ahead and bought some again. I don’t mind holding them for long term. … Continue reading >>