Italy Trip Prep

Due to time constraint, we can only visit Rome in Italy. Rome Colosseum – day 1 Palatine Hill Roman Forum Trevi Fountain Pantheon – free admission, closes at 7PM Campo dei Fiori – day 2 Trastevere Jewish Ghetto? Capitoline Hill Museums Here’s a list of top ten attractions Vatican City – Technically another country – day 3 Saint Peter’s Square Basilica Vatican Museums  … Continue reading >>

Europe Trip Prep

We’ll visit Europe some time in the future, I want to start planning for it now. The countries that we are most interested in are as follows: Europe: England – 5 days France – 5 days Italy Belgium Netherlands Spain Turkey Swiss (Switzerland) Monaco Germany Denmark Finland Norway Sweden North Africa: Morocco – 4 days. Since it only takes 3 hours of flying from Paris, France to Marrakesh (Marrakech), Morocco, and the airfare is about €120 round trip per person, Mr. Adventurer thinks that … Continue reading >>