Veni, Vidi, but no Vici the Wild West of Arizona, Nevada and Utah

The Experience Day One – Saturday 5/28/2016 – Starting the Trip Day Two – Sunday 5/29/2016 – A day in Lost Wages, Nevada Day Three – Monday 5/30/2016 – Visiting Zion National Park in Utah Day Four – Tuesday 5/31/2016 – A day of Fun in Page, Arizona Day Five – Wednesday 6/1/2016 – Grand Canyon, Arizona Day Six – Thursday 6/2/2016 – Hoover Dam, Nevada Day Seven – Friday 6/3/2016 – Lost Wages Strip Day Eight – Saturday 6/4/2016 – … Continue reading >>

Last day in Lost Wages

The Experience By this time, we were homesick and ready to leave Lost Wages. Our flight was around midnight. We negotiated a checkout time of 1 pm instead of 11 am because there’s nothing much one could do outdoors during the day. After we left the hotel, we drove to Chinatown. Since we were hungry and the temperature was 107ºF, it didn’t take us long to agree on a restaurant for lunch. After lunch, we took a quick look of … Continue reading >>

Ms. C

Ms. C was seventy-one year old, but she looked energetic and in good shape. She had blue eyes and fair skin. She moved to Las Vegas about twenty years ago from Washington because she didn’t like the rains there. That reminded me of the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”, that’s the first time Seattle was introduced to me. Then I recalled the Space Needle, and the Pike Place market, where I visited in year 2008 or so. When I was there, it didn’t rain though. … Continue reading >>

Lost Wages Strip

The Experience Today was going to be a slow day for a change of pace. We got up around 9 am, bought takeout from Jack in the Box a block away from our hotel for breakfast, and the kids played with their iPad and iPhone games in our air conditioned hotel room until our lunch. This hotel had a washer and dryer that customers could use for free to wash their clothes. We bought a small container of liquid laundry detergent … Continue reading >>

Hoover Dam, Nevada

The Experience The breakfast had scrambled eggs, sausages, hash browns, breads, pastries, cereal, milk, juice, tea, coffee, and fresh fruits. Finally, we got a decent hot English breakfast. That’s the best free breakfast we’ve had for this trip. This hotel had a hotel full of surprises. We were on the road again after breakfast. We passed Kingman Army Airfield Museum, which played a significant role in WWII. Thirty six thousand gunners were trained there. After about one hour of driving, we arrived … Continue reading >>