Pepper Steak

Ingredients: Steak cut into thin slices Starch as desired Soy sauce as desired Sugar as desired Wine as desired Cooking oil as desired Ginger, diced Honey Lemon, diced Green onion, diced Green pepper cut to squares Directions: Mix beef with every thing except green pepper and let sit for a minimum of 30 minutes Heat a saucepan up Add cooking oil Pour green pepper in when oil is very warm, stir well Add beef in, stir until thoroughly cooked Place … Continue reading >>

Lettuce Harvest

Our lettuce raised bed is doing so well. We need to start eating the lettuce. I don’t feed my family any salad even with our own vegetables out of fear of salmonella or other bacteria. I’ll make dumplings with lettuce. I harvested a little bit of it to make soup tonight. Our garden in general is doing well this year. … Continue reading >>