2016 Ski Season Review

The Experience This special membership was only offered to students this year, I wasn’t able to join, so I decided to not ski this year. Adventurer Jr. wanted to try ski but since he was on the swim team and wasn’t allowed to do ski at the same time period per swim team, so he went another year without skiing. Adventurer Jr. II, on the other hand, was able to join the club again this year. He had a blast … Continue reading >>

2015 Ski Season Review

The Experience We went from not knowing how to put boots on to skiing on the green lane gracefully and flying on the blue lane. The experience was challenging at the start, but none of us ever had any thoughts of giving up. Now after weeks of practice, we enjoy it so much and are happy to have acquired this skill. The fun made me have less winter blues from our long, cold, snowy winter. After all the years we’ve … Continue reading >>

First Ski Practice of 2015

All of our ski lessons are finished, but we still can ski for four days on our own. The weather and road conditions were harsh again, but we decided to hit the slopes anyways. I was on the green lane and Adventurer Jr. II on the blue lane. I practiced more turning. During three hours of practice, I didn’t fall, not a single time. I’m growing more comfortable every Saturday. Adventurer Jr. II said that I should ski on the blue … Continue reading >>

Last Ski Lesson of 2015

Today was the last ski lesson. It snowed heavily, and the road condition was horrible. The instructor said that I could ski on the blue lane now after the lesson, but I still wasn’t happy with my turns, especially right turns, so I decided to stick with green. I was very wet soon after I did several practice runs out on the slope after class. I cut my practice to a shot one and headed home on the difficult-to-drive road. It took me … Continue reading >>

Fifth Ski Lesson of 2015

In today’s lesson, I practiced turning. When turing right, move the right toes to the right side a little bit, left foot move perpendicular to the slope, the two skis should be parallel. I wasn’t able to complete the turn to the right during the class. After the class, I was distracted by Adventurer Jr.’s chapter MATHPCUNTS competition, even though I attempted to master turning in “S” pattern gracefully, but to no avail. Turning successfully at ease will be my goal for … Continue reading >>

Fourth Ski Lesson of 2015

Today I learned how to turn. Press on the foot that’s opposite of the side you are turning, the instructor told me. But I wasn’t able to master turning during the class. I practiced more sliding down the hill with the wedge after class. I told myself that I can do this. I was able to control the speed I wanted to go down and able to stop in the middle of the hill. I fell much less compared to … Continue reading >>

Third Ski Lesson of 2015

The experience from last session has really helped us this time. We were more comfortable in our ski boots and ready before class started. I practiced the wedge for about three times. Then, the instructor told us how to stay stable while forming the wedge before ready to slide down. Basically, have both hands on top of the poles, poke them in the snow on an angle toward your body, and straighten both arms, so the poles work as extension of the … Continue reading >>

Second Ski Lesson of 2015

The ski lessons have finally arrived! Adventurer Jr. II and I got up early and were the first to arrive at 8:10 am. Logistics started at 8:15. After that, we went to the ski rental section. The line was long, and it took us a while to get our equipment. The boots were very heavy, however we finally managed to put them on after some struggling. They were warm, but uncomfortable to walk around in. Then, we found an unoccupied locker and … Continue reading >>

First Ski Lesson of 2015

We have had several harsh snowstorms, and school was closed yesterday and the day before. Today was supposed to be our first scheduled ski lesson. Adventurer Jr. II and I were excited to have all this snow to ski on. However, it was cancelled due to expected subzero temperatures. What a bummer! I may take them though to sled in our backyard or at a local park this afternoon.