2014 USA Taekwondo National Qualifier in Indiana

We drove 5 hours to Indiana for Adventurer Jr.’s state qualifier (2014 Indiana State Championships). It’s a whole day wasted at the tournament site. He got the first place like a piece of cake because no one was in his division. And there’s no one to do an exhibition fight with him. Yeah, bummer. I wish they have these guidelines for USAT national qualifier hosts: If there’s only one competitor in a division, the hosting school is obligated to arrange for … Continue reading >>

Our Visit in South Bend, Indiana

While Adventurer Jr. and I were wasting our lives away in the century center, Mr. Adventurer took Adventurer Jr. II and III to a garden and the South Bend Chocolate Company for a tour. They bought some defective-looking but tasty chocolates at the factory outlet store for half the retail price. Adventurer Jr. II said that the quality of the chocolate was good; the shape didn’t matter. He was able to see the true value despite of the not so perfect appearance at … Continue reading >>