Bought More COH

I bought 10 shares of COH @ $40.42 per share in my Traditional IRA (M) account right before the ex-dividend date to capture this month’s payment on June 30, 2014. Last time COH at this price was in year 2010. It has been consistently growing its dividends since 2009. It has no debt at all. And it’s cash reserve is enough to pay for 2 years of dividends. It’s undergoing repositioning of its brand right now and that takes time. Eventually, it … Continue reading >>

April 2014 Dividends

In the month of April, I was paid ▪ $34.36 in the Roth IRA account ▪ $486.15 in the Traditional IRA (W) account ▪ $157.26 in the Traditional IRA (M) account The total for these accounts is $677.77. The payment is lower this month due to reorganizing my portfolio and not being fully invested in preparation for the next market downturn. … Continue reading >>

Bought COH

I have been yearning for a Coach handbag/purses lately. I have whopping five handbags/purses in my closet and none of them is a Coach. Out of the five handbags, only two of them are frequently used. That’s only 40% of the usage. However, these two cost more compared to the other three, it’s about 80% money-wise. So I have wasted about 20% of my money. I have noticed that the thrill of having a new physical possession doesn’t last long. … Continue reading >>