Aug. 24, 2015 Flash Crash Lessons Learned

The market could fall apart quickly in a second Stocks crashed to unbelievable lows at the open, even high-quality stocks Brokerage websites had performance issues Stocks recovered quickly from the lows as well, albeit they were still down I only got 100 shares of KO and T at the low prices because the orders had been placed weeks ago. It was a pleasant surprise to snatch the shares. The crash showed that my portfolio was not crush-proof. It’s very vulnerable. It’s … Continue reading >>

Adding Positions to Some of My Holdings

I’m not using DRIP anymore because the cost basis was way higher than I would have bought, so I’ve decided to add at least 100 shares every year to the following stocks on my own when there is a price weakness. It is basically a DIY DRIP that I control at prices that I’m happy with. I have enough free trades to use so I’m not going to incur any cost for doing this. I’m tracking the progress down here. Orange color … Continue reading >>

My Investing Strategies

Less is more. Concentrating on a limited number of quality stocks. Boring is a good way to make money in the stock market. Don’t do anything just because I’m compelled to take some sort of action. Do Nothing sometimes is a good thing. The market is unpredictable. Don’t fight the trend. Cost basis does matter. To mitigate the risk of my portfolio, buy a lot when the stock price falls below my cost basis and sell a lot at a higher cost … Continue reading >>