2016 – 2017 Winter Competitive Swim Season Review

The Experience Adventurer Jr. had a great season again this year. He earned way more than enough points to get lettered. His 100 Fly and 100 Breast qualified him for DII District. He competed in 200 Medley Relay, 100 Fly and 100 Breast in District. He scored both in 200 Medley Relay (7th place medal) and 100 Breast (16th place). PRs: Breast: 1:06.55; Fly: 1:01.92; 200 Medley Relay: fly leg 27.31 and 200 total: 1:45.58. The Cost: $991.02 Team suits and warm-ups: $191.08 Speedo … Continue reading >>

2015 Summer Swim Lessons Review

The Experience Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II took an advanced swim training again this summer. Adventurer Jr. was using it to get ready for the 2015 Fall/Winter competitive swimming for his school. Adventurer Jr. III took a beginner’s class. He did really well and graduated to the next level. The Cost: $160 Training and class fees: $55 x 2 + $50 = $160 … Continue reading >>

Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Season Competitive Swim Tryout

Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II would be starting competitive swimming. They did a trail today. They did their best. Adventurer Jr. needed to work on breast stroke. He could be moving up a level soon though. Adventurer Jr. II had more to work on. The season starts on 9-8-2014 and ends on 3-15-2015. There are trainings scheduled on every M, W, F and Sat and Sun when there’s no meet. They can’t wait to start the program.

Swim Lesson Seven

Today, Adventurer Jr. II asked me to do some ladders with freestyle. It’s good endurance training. Basically, I swam 1 length and rested 5 seconds. Then 2 lengths and rested 5 seconds. Then 3 lengths etc., until I swam 5 lengths. After that, I went back down and swam 4 lengths, all the way back to 1. I still have fear in deep water. To help reduce it, Adventurer Jr. II told me to sink into the bottom while blowing … Continue reading >>

Swim Lesson Six

I swam freestyle back and forth the width of the pool with push-off and two-hand touch. Then I practiced backstroke. The last time I swam in backstroke was on December the second of last year with noodles. I was able to swim the width of the pool in backstroke without anything today. I’m very happy of the progress.

Swim Lesson Four

Adventurer Jr. II had a small injury on his right foot from scraping it against the bottom of the pool the day before, so I left him home. I had the entire pool to myself. Safety is the top priority when swimming by oneself. Instead of swimming the length of the pool, I stayed in the shallow end and swam the width of the pool. I practiced push-off and two-hand touch. It wasn’t so fun as when Adventurer Jr. II … Continue reading >>