Tabata Lesson Four

We were back to Bosu ball. Instead of using dumbbells with it, we used a towel. We did lateral step over, sit-up while holding the towel with both hands, lunge with the towel under one foot, mountain climber with the towel under one foot, toe tap, heel tap, burpee, pushup, butt lift, etc. I was really tired but my muscles weren’t so sore as last time. … Continue reading >>

Tabata Lesson Three

1-16-2014 We did our workouts with a stepper. We did rollups, mountain climber, sit ups, push ups, reverse push ups, jumping jack, toe tap, burpee, plank, reverse plank, squats, and butt kicking. It’s a strenuous exercise and I was so tired afterward. I wonder what equipment we will be using next time.

Tabata Lesson Two

1-14-2014 Today’s theme was working with Bosu ball and dumbbells. The dumbbells I picked have number 3 on them. I assume it’s 3 kg or 6.6 lbs. I think they are good for starters like me. We did forearm plank, mountain climber, scissor plank, sit ups with the ball under your back, traveling push ups with one hand on the ball, two handed push ups with both hands on the ball, forward lunge with one foot on the ball, squats, burpee, … Continue reading >>

Tabata Lesson One

1-7-2014 Finally today, I got around to trying the Tabata class out. We worked with a 25 kg (55 lbs) power medical ball the entire session. We swung it, did push ups with it, jumped with it, twisted with it, even held it between our knees while doing sit-ups. You name it, we did it. It was a good workout, and I liked it. Holding that ball steady with hand(s), feet, or knees is challenging in itself. Too bad Adventurer … Continue reading >>

Swim and Tabata

12-5-2013 Today I swam in the pool with Adventurer Jr. III. He raced me doggy paddle, while I swam freestyle. We also danced and singed in the pool. It was a wonderful time. On a side note, a new class called Tabata is now available, at a time that is convenient for me. I had to find the group lesson schedule for details. It was described as, “A physical & mental challenge that will increase your metabolism & muscular endurance, … Continue reading >>