Stir-fried lamb with Green Pepper and Tomato

Ingredients: Lamb cut to slices Green Pepper cut to wedges or strings Tomato cut to wedges Cumin ground Black pepper ground Salt Sesame oil Cooking oil Directions: Prepare saucepan with cooking oil Pour lamb in, stir until 50% cooked Add green pepper and tomato in Stir until fully cooked Add cumin black pepper, salt and sesame oil Stir well and place in a plate Enjoy either with rice or noodles … Continue reading >>

Lettuce Harvest

Our lettuce raised bed is doing so well. We need to start eating the lettuce. I don’t feed my family any salad even with our own vegetables out of fear of salmonella or other bacteria. I’ll make dumplings with lettuce. I harvested a little bit of it to make soup tonight. Our garden in general is doing well this year. … Continue reading >>