Sold 2006 Toyota Corolla

I have learned from previous experiences that owning a car longer didn’t necessarily always make any financial sense. And that’s the reason for selling my 2006 Toyota now. The purchase price of my 2006 Toyota Corolla was $16,371. I paid $1,023.19 of taxes on it.  Plus standard Doc fee of $250 and title fee of about $35. I also had a set of snow tires and rims for $600. The total cost amounted to $18,279.19. The Toyota was sold for $5,000 … Continue reading >>

Sold Honda CR-V and Bought a New Car

On Thursday, Mr. Adventurer’s Honda CR-V broke down. The transmission light went on, and the muffler fell off while he was driving. We spent $300 to fix the muffler system. The transmission issue could cost at least $2,000 to fix. We decided that it’s not worth the money and trouble to continue pouring money into this old car. We sold it as is for $600 today. A handyman bought it and was going to fix it. This car started to … Continue reading >>