On our way to the much anticipated Trip

I had been sick for several days and wasn’t able to get good sleeps. This morning, we had to get up at 4 am to catch the American Eagle airplane at 6:45 am. I was tired and sleepy but excited for our new adventures. We left our car at local airport parking lot and boarded the airport shuttle to our terminal. We arrived at New York LaGuardia airport at 7:45 am. Our next flight is at JFK airport but not until 6:45 … Continue reading >>

Europe Trip and Terrorist Attacks

We are planning on a nice Europe trip down the road, but terrorists attacked Paris, France this past weekend, one of our destinations for the trip. So what should we do? Cancel that plan and visit somewhere else? Or still visit Europe? We have been wanting to see Europe for a long time, but safety is a concern now besides stuff getting stolen. If we don’t visit Europe, where else should we go? Machu Picchu in Peru? Hawaii? … Continue reading >>

San José Trip Prep

I’m taking Adventurer Jr. To San José for his USA Taekwondo Nationals. My time zone is 3 hours ahead of San José time. Things to bring: ID – birth certificate or passport (If confirmed, don’t need it) USAT Membership card and Student ID (If confirmed, they didn’t check them, but bring them nonetheless) Insurance Card Competition Confirmation printout, must bring Backpacks – 2 (1 for fighting gear, 1 for electronics, and misc) Taekwondo uniform and belt, paddle, all pads Spectator Ticket … Continue reading >>

2014 USA Taekwondo National Qualifier in Indiana

We drove 5 hours to Indiana for Adventurer Jr.’s state qualifier (2014 Indiana State Championships). It’s a whole day wasted at the tournament site. He got the first place like a piece of cake because no one was in his division. And there’s no one to do an exhibition fight with him. Yeah, bummer. I wish they have these guidelines for USAT national qualifier hosts: If there’s only one competitor in a division, the hosting school is obligated to arrange for … Continue reading >>

Our Visit in South Bend, Indiana

While Adventurer Jr. and I were wasting our lives away in the century center, Mr. Adventurer took Adventurer Jr. II and III to a garden and the South Bend Chocolate Company for a tour. They bought some defective-looking but tasty chocolates at the factory outlet store for half the retail price. Adventurer Jr. II said that the quality of the chocolate was good; the shape didn’t matter. He was able to see the true value despite of the not so perfect appearance at … Continue reading >>

Taking a piece of Alaska with me

While we were at the Chena Hot Springs Resort, I saw they were offering free laminated luggage tags for visitors. Everyone could take two cards with sceneries printed on them and write information on the back, then they would laminate them on the spot. In the past we have been buying T-shirts for the kids as souvenirs, but these tags could serve this purpose well. Sure they said it’s a luggage tag, but I didn’t have to use it as … Continue reading >>

A man’s trip to Israel and Jordan

The gentleman told me that he was on his way home from the trip he took to Israel and Jordan. He said that his church organized a two-week fifty-people-trip every year to Israel. I thought he meant synagogue because he looked Jewish. He said that Israel is a small place, the landscape changed so abruptly from barren to green, and it’s pretty narrow. Jewish tour guides took them to places of interests. Then they went to Jordan. And Muslim tour … Continue reading >>

Alaska, Here We Come

Day One (3-24-2014) We were so excited that we were flying to Anchorage. It was a long flight though. When we were getting off the airplane at our destination, the flight attendant gave every one of my children a captain’s wings pin. What a great way to start the trip. We picked the reserved rental car up. It’s a Dodge Caravan for comfort because we would be spending some time in the vehicle while on the road. The first thing I … Continue reading >>

Kincaid Park

The park was covered with snow. We saw people doing cross-country ski. There’s a big building next to the parking lot that had bathrooms and rooms for parties. Standing in front of the building, we could see a slope covered with snow, farther away, we saw Mt. McKinley, North America’s tallest peak at 20,320 feet, Mt. Susitna (Sleeping Lady), and Cook Inlet. After we enjoyed the view, as we were contemplating what to do next, we saw people were piling … Continue reading >>