Veni, Vidi, but no Vici the Wild West of Arizona, Nevada and Utah

The Experience Day One – Saturday 5/28/2016 – Starting the Trip Day Two – Sunday 5/29/2016 – A day in Lost Wages, Nevada Day Three – Monday 5/30/2016 – Visiting Zion National Park in Utah Day Four – Tuesday 5/31/2016 – A day of Fun in Page, Arizona Day Five – Wednesday 6/1/2016 – Grand Canyon, Arizona Day Six – Thursday 6/2/2016 – Hoover Dam, Nevada Day Seven – Friday 6/3/2016 – Lost Wages Strip Day Eight – Saturday 6/4/2016 – … Continue reading >>

Visiting Zion National Park in Utah

The Experience We left the much hated hotel as soon as possible after eating free breakfast without any protein. Our destination was Zion National Park. It’s about two and half hours of drive. After we got out of Lost Wages, there’s nothing much to see except brown desert and desert plants. Then we saw buildings, palm trees, and greens. It’s the CasaBlanca Resort Casino in Nevada. Once we passed it, the scenery turned back to desert and cacti. After driving awhile, we saw red … Continue reading >>

The wild west of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah Trip Prep

We are planning on a 9-day trip to the wild west of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. We’ll fly to Las Vegas, NV. The round trip takes about 2 days. So the actual sightseeing for this trip is about 7 days. The main attraction of this trip is the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. We’ll drive 5 hours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and stay 1 night and 2 days there including driving time. Hopi House in Grand … Continue reading >>