Yoga Class Seven

Today we did something new. While standing in mountain pose, we raised our toes up one by one from big toe to pinky toe, then lowered them one by one from pinky toe to big toe, one foot at a time. It’s weird, but it aroused the awareness and appreciation for every part of my body. The instructor passed flyers around about a local workshop and a Greece (yes, you read that right, I had to read it twice to … Continue reading >>

Swim Lesson Two

Today I swam the width of the pool and practiced push-offs. And I can reach the other side of the pool with just a push-off, which means I’m getting better at it. I also did lots of two-hand touch. I practiced it over and over to make the transition smoother. Another improvement I noticed was that I’m getting better at changing air while swimming. The key to success is practice. … Continue reading >>

Jiu-jitsu Lesson One

Today I practiced break fall from a sitting, frog, and standing positions. Also did grabbing the opponents right hand with my left hand, moving in left foot, my right shoulder against opponent’s right shoulder, right hand grabbing the opponent’s shoulder, right foot moving behind opponent’s right foot, my right hand pushing backward while right foot sweeping the opponent’s right foot to throw the opponent on the ground. My left hand was still holding opponent’s right hand, so I could follow through. … Continue reading >>


Adventurer Jr. III has been asking me for a while when he can go to the “big kids” class at Martial Arts. He has been practicing in the little kids class for about a year. Since he asked himself, I thought he was ready for some challenge. So I talked to the instructor and he agreed to let him tryout the regular class. Guess what, Adventurer Jr. III did such a great job and he earned his place in the … Continue reading >>

Yoga Class Four

I haven’t practiced Yoga for a while, so this morning I left home early to join class. The room was packed. Three students who came later actually got turned away due to limited space. That could have been me had I arrived at my usual time. I felt so lucky this morning to have the opportunity to practice. We did reverse plank, tabletop, weight switcher, twists, triangular pose, plank, child pose, mountain pose, etc. My mind was clear, and my … Continue reading >>

Tabata Lesson Four

We were back to Bosu ball. Instead of using dumbbells with it, we used a towel. We did lateral step over, sit-up while holding the towel with both hands, lunge with the towel under one foot, mountain climber with the towel under one foot, toe tap, heel tap, burpee, pushup, butt lift, etc. I was really tired but my muscles weren’t so sore as last time. … Continue reading >>