2016 Yoga Class One

I went to the yoga session last night. Since I haven’t practiced it for so long, I had muscle ache after the session. Yet I felt very good mentally and relaxed though. I had a hot shower afterward to finish it off. I need to make it a habit to go to the classes.

2015 Yoga Class Two

I went to a yoga session this morning. The practice was good and I felt refreshed afterward. However, so many techniques I couldn’t do well anymore. And I did feel tired for some of the techniques. I need to do it regularly to keep myself good at it. It’s hard to rebuild a habit once it’s broken.

Yoga Class Fifteen

I joined the yoga class this morning. At this point I have pretty much done all the poses the instructor teaches to this class. I don’t feel bored though, because every time I do the same pose, I get different things out of it and I’m getting better at each pose. I’m planning to come back to the Wednesday evening class as well.

Yoga Class Fourteen

In today’s class I discovered that my Fish Pose was much better than I first started last year. I did it with ease. The instructor didn’t correct me so I assumed that I did the pose correctly. And I was able to hold the pose longer. Change has definitely been happening with my body subtly.

Yoga Class Eleven

The instructor informed us that starting in June, the Sunday yoga class will be cancelled. I have no idea why, but the class has been so popular and packed with people every Sunday. I made the most out of today’s session though. I’ll need to see if there’s any yoga class during the week that fits my schedule. Hopefully I can find one.