Third Ski Lesson of 2015

The experience from last session has really helped us this time. We were more comfortable in our ski boots and ready before class started.

I practiced the wedge for about three times. Then, the instructor told us how to stay stable while forming the wedge before ready to slide down. Basically, have both hands on top of the poles, poke them in the snow on an angle toward your body, and straighten both arms, so the poles work as extension of the arms. When in that position, move your legs one by one to form the wedge.  After we practiced, the instructor took us up the lift to the easiest slope.

Things got interesting after that. The instructor told me that I was doing the wedge perfectly, but when the speed got fast going down hill, I wasn’t comfortable. I changed from star student to the worst student of the group. The other students were young kids, and they had no fear.

It’s all about getting out of my comfort zone and eliminating fear from my mind. After the class was over, I went up the escalator and slid down over and over again. I had many more falls, but I didn’t give up after each fall and was able to slide down six times without falling.

I didn’t do much with turns today. I’ll work on that next week.

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