Tiling the Walls


Earlier in May, Mr. Adventurer and I wanted to do a backdrop tile in the kitchen by ourselves. Since that’s our first home improvement project, we were very cautious. We went to Home Depot’s free seminar and watched some instructional videos. After we bought the supplies, we did the step-by-step instructions and utilized the tips we learned at Home Depot. Things went smoothly, and the tile enhanced the look of the kitchen greatly. With that momentum, we tiled the walls in the mud room as well. I was thinking to myself, ‘Maybe tiling is the easiest project to do to improve the look of a home.’. But our enthusiasm had weakened. However, we did plan to tile the half bathroom and 2 full bathrooms later in the year.

Fast forward to early Nov., and we decided that it’s the right time to tile the half bathroom. However, we wasn’t as arduous as last time. The grout wasn’t mixed well. It wasn’t at all smooth and had small lumps in it. And after we applied them on the tiles, we were supposed to wipe them off after 20 minutes. But we didn’t. So the grout had caked on the tiles. You could imagine what a nightmare we had created. In the following days, we were trying to get the grout off the tiles. Finally, Mr. Adventurer had enough of it and researched on the subject. Guess what, we had plenty company. Someone suggested using acid wash to get them off. It worked to an extent, but not to my satisfaction. So after the acid wash, I used a pairing knife to get the grout off the tiles and smooth out the lumps. Finally, I think we might be able to seal it before Sunday.

I will surely remember the lessons that I learned, next tile project.


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