Alaska Trip Prep

This spring, we are traveling to Alaska! It’s still months away, I know. But I can’t hide my excitement. In order to make it a trip of a life time, proper planning is a must, especially since it’s still pretty cold in Alaska. So the utmost priority is to keep us warm so we are still in the mood to explore. We’ll keep our body dry to prevent heat loss and wear 3 layers of clothes for warmth. We’ll have … Continue reading >>

2013 Detroit Tournament and beyond

12-8-2013 We arrived back from Detroit this early afternoon. Home sweet home. Adventurer Jr. also had a meeting for Science Olympiad this afternoon, and Adventurer Jr. II had a bird painting scheduled as well. Yesterday, we arrived at the tournament at 1 PM and stayed until 7 PM. I have to say, Adventurer Jr. division’s competition is tough. Many competitive kids are in this group, including kids from Costa Rica. We should have good fights next year as well. Adventurer … Continue reading >>

Detroit Trip Prep

12-2-2013 We are planning on driving to Detroit to watch a Tae Kwon Do tournament this weekend. We’ve already booked a hotel, one that provides free continental breakfast. I’ll also prepare some finger food for us on the road. It seems colder this winter, so we also need to bring extra winter clothes. Sounds like I have things in order, right? Until something happens… … Continue reading >>