San José Museum of Art

The San José Museum of Art was shockingly small. The art display there didn’t agree with my taste. We glanced over all of them in less than 20 minutes. Then Adventurer Jr. drew a castle picture at the “What’s your angle?” in lower level while I rested. We were out of the Museum in about thirty minutes. Whew, that was quicker than planned. … Continue reading >>

2014 USA Taekwondo Nationals in San José

Competition Adventurer Jr. fought well in his first nationals on July the 6th, 2014. The score was 15-17. He lost by 2 points. Regardless, he was a strong taekwondo fighter and had the ability to win, but lost that chance, which was unfortunate. The person he lost to got the gold at the end. No matter what, I’m very proud of Adventurer Jr. Lessons Learned: NeedtoreadtheUSAT rules one week before the tournament: Points were awarded to his opponent when he … Continue reading >>

San José Trip Prep

I’m taking Adventurer Jr. To San José for his USA Taekwondo Nationals. My time zone is 3 hours ahead of San José time. Things to bring: ID – birth certificate or passport (If confirmed, don’t need it) USAT Membership card and Student ID (If confirmed, they didn’t check them, but bring them nonetheless) Insurance Card Competition Confirmation printout, must bring Backpacks – 2 (1 for fighting gear, 1 for electronics, and misc) Taekwondo uniform and belt, paddle, all pads Spectator Ticket … Continue reading >>