Summer 2017 Debate Camps

The Experience Adventurer Jr. Adventurer Jr. attended a seven-day residential LD camp at a small college. Many great debaters came to this camp. He was staying in the same dorm room with a student from his HS. He worked really hard at the camp. The camp was intense according to him and he wasn’t even able to do FaceTime with us. We texted sometimes. The camp competition started on Friday night, continued into Saturday, and it didn’t finish until after 6 … Continue reading >>

2017 Summer Quizbowl Camp Review

The Experience Both Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II went to the Quizbowl camp this summer. The camp consisted of three full-day and two half-day. The fee increased by $50 compared to last year for each camper. And the location was changed to another small college that was a little farther than the last one. They stayed in the same dorm room. Since this college provided free WIFI, we did FaceTime every night. The food at this college was better than … Continue reading >>

2016 Summer Quizbowl Camp Review

The Experience We packed things up, had an early lunch and left home at 12:30 pm on Wednesday. The hosting school was about 2 hours of driving distance away. We were mostly on interstate 77 heading south. We had never been to that part of Ohio before and realized that the scenery was beautiful with lush green trees, farms, and little towns connected by little towns. After checking in and helping Adventurer Jr. set his dorm room up, we hugged, said goodbye … Continue reading >>

A day of Family Fun

We drove to the Cleveland Museum of Arts in the morning. There’s a special showing of Pharaoh: King of Ancient Egypt. However, we didn’t pay to see it because we figured all the free exhibitions would’ve taken a long time anyways. There were three levels. Most of the exhibitions were on first and second levels, and the basement level was mainly for educational purpose with classrooms and a teacher resource center. We started from first level, then moved on to second level. … Continue reading >>

A Friend’s Visit

Ms. L has been my friend since 1994, and we hadn’t seen each other since 1998. We reached each other out via emails and phone calls through out the years. Finally, we decided it’s time to meet. I bought her round trip tickets in April and she arrived last Thursday night. After I picked her up, I drove her to a local restaurant to meet up with my family for dinner. We ate and talked for almost two hours there. … Continue reading >>

Sandusky, OH Trip Prep

We are going to Sandusky, Ohio again next year. This will be our nth time in Sandusky. Things to Do/Sights to See: Cedar Point Amusement Park – We went there once in year 2002. We’ll go there again this time. Soak City at Cedar Point – It’s one of our destinations this time. Kelleys Island – we went there in year 2013 and it was beautiful. We are not going there again though. Even though I’d love to. Dollar Estate in … Continue reading >>

2015 Independence Holiday in Cincinnati

Day One We left home around 10 am and arrived at City Barbecue around 130 pm. I was surprise to find that it’s self service. The good thing was that we didn’t need to leave a big tip. We got ribs, beef brisket, gumbo, garlic bread and corn bread. The food was yummy. After we were satisfied, we drove to University of Cincinnati, specifically the DAAP, the world top rated college. Next we stopped by Ohio River at Cincinnati. The panoramic … Continue reading >>

Cincinnati, OH Trip Prep

On our trip to St. Louis, MO, we’ll stop at Cincinnati, OH. We’ll stay there for 2 days. Things to Do/Sights to See: Kings Island, the largest waterpark in the Midwest. Admission is $41.99/person that includes more than 100 world-class rides and attractions, Soak City Waterpark, dazzling shows, and Planet Snoopy. These activities could easily take more than an entire day. There’s a landmark Eiffel Tower replica. There’s the option of $62/person for a two-day ticket. Parking is $12/day. We should … Continue reading >>

Columbus, OH Trip

Due to the rainy weather, we didn’t do much sightseeing other than a drive-through of the downtown area and a walk-through of the Columbus State Community College. Also, we couldn’t participate in the free capital tour either as planned. Columbus looked like a prosperous city. We did stop by an Asian super market and bought a container of cooked, ready to eat snails, some bread and cake. The snails only cost $3.49, and the portion tripled what I had once … Continue reading >>

Columbus, OH Trip Prep

I have visited Columbus, Ohio many times for conferences when I was working for a Fortune 100 company. However, I’d never visited any places other than the conference venue. Our family has an opportunity to be in Columbus this March and stay there for one night; I’d like to do some sightseeing this time. Downtown Columbus – World’s Largest Gavel German Village Ohio State University (OSU) Columbus State Community College I don’t think any of my kids will be attending a two-year community college, but … Continue reading >>