Seventh Hike of the 2014 Season

It was a pretty day today and the temperature was in the high sixties, which was unusual for this time of the year. We took a two miles hiking route. We saw mostly trees and there were little slopes along the way. This was the longest and hardest hike we had this year. We all made it, including Adventurer Jr. III. I’m very proud of the five-year-old-to-be big boy 😉 . … Continue reading >>

Fifth Hike of the 2014 Season

This afternoon we went to a prairie for hiking after we left a Mum Festival. The trail is 1.6 miles and that’s the longest we’ve hiked so far. We were a little worried about Adventurer Jr. III, but he surprised us with hiking the entire trail on his own. Way to go! The weather was unseasonably warm and we saw a monarch along the trail. We want to enjoy the great weather while we still can. I have next Saturday planned … Continue reading >>

First Hike of the 2014 Season

It’s a new month and the beginning of another hiking season. We were so excited to start our first hike. We wanted to start slow so we picked an easier trail. The view was fantastic, the air was fresh and the walk was a nice family outing. We’ll be doing a minimum of eight hiking trails before October ends, which means, we’ll complete at least one hiking trail each weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing different sceneries for the upcoming weekends. … Continue reading >>