A day in Lost Wages, Nevada

The Experience No one had a good sleep and everyone got up early in the morning. We ate bagels and drank orange juices provided by the hotel after our morning routine. I was expecting milk and boiled eggs for cheap protein, but even that was too much to ask. There was absolutely no protein provided for breakfast. It’s still very early, so we went to a little market next to our hotel to kill some time. Adventurer Jr. III liked … Continue reading >>

Starting the Trip

The Experience With much anticipation and preparation, we got our luggage ready in the morning, including buying bags of snacks to avoid paying high food prices on the airplanes and at the airports. We went to a buffet for brunch. Then we officially started our trip by driving to a Sheraton hotel near our airport and taking its free shuttle to the airport to reduce the parking fee. The American Airlines’ airplane departed on-time around 3:30 pm and we arrived at Dallas, TX after … Continue reading >>

2016 MathCON Regional and National Competitions

Adventurer Jr. and Adventurer Jr. II took the MathCON computerized Competition on March 4th. Adventurer Jr. ranked the 5th and Adventurer Jr. II got a perfect score and ranked 3rd regionally out of total 45,000 students in 6 regions. The tiebreaker for perfect scores was timing but Adventurer Jr. II wasn’t aware of that and spent time checking his answers. They both got invited to national finals in Chicago for MathCON competition on April the 23rd. The national competition was held … Continue reading >>

Niagara Falls, New York Trip Prep

We’ll visit Niagara Falls during a long weekend. This is my third time there. First time I joined the Maid of the Mist boat ride from the US side to see American Falls and Horseshoe Falls, and the second time I joined the Hornblower boat ride from Canada side. It takes about 4.5 hours to drive one way. Due to the exchange rate, we’ll stay at the Canadian side to take advantage of it. These sites can easily fit into our schedule. Niagara … Continue reading >>

Grand Canyon, AZ Trip Prep

The Grand Canyon is our top destination for this trip. Here’s a list of things to do in Grand Canyon by US News. Most of the historical buildings are located at South Rim. We definitely should go there. Here’s a web page just for South Rim. Learning at South Rim. View of Havasupai. Here are some maps of Grand Canyon. Here’s an official free guide I signed up for. Grand Canyon Field Institute programs might be good for our family. But there’s a … Continue reading >>

The wild west of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah Trip Prep

We are planning on a 9-day trip to the wild west of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. We’ll fly to Las Vegas, NV. The round trip takes about 2 days. So the actual sightseeing for this trip is about 7 days. The main attraction of this trip is the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. We’ll drive 5 hours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and stay 1 night and 2 days there including driving time. Hopi House in Grand … Continue reading >>

A day of Family Fun

We drove to the Cleveland Museum of Arts in the morning. There’s a special showing of Pharaoh: King of Ancient Egypt. However, we didn’t pay to see it because we figured all the free exhibitions would’ve taken a long time anyways. There were three levels. Most of the exhibitions were on first and second levels, and the basement level was mainly for educational purpose with classrooms and a teacher resource center. We started from the first level, then moved on to the … Continue reading >>

Multi States Trip Prep

I don’t know when we’ll be taking this trip yet, but sure I want to plan for it. I don’t want to spend a lot of many while having fun, so I am looking for free activities for each place. This will be at least a three-week trip. For half of the trip, we can follow this route I planned before. After we leave Miami, Florida, we’ll visit the following places: Pensacola, FL encore Mobile, AL Jackson, MS New Orleans, LA … Continue reading >>

A Friend’s Visit

Ms. L has been my friend since 1994, and we hadn’t seen each other since 1998. We reached each other out via emails and phone calls throughout the years. Finally, we decided it’s time to meet. I bought her round-trip tickets in April and she arrived last Thursday night. After I picked her up, I drove her to a local restaurant to meet up with my family for dinner. We ate and talked for almost two hours there. Then we … Continue reading >>

Evanston, IL Trip Prep

Adventurer Jr. was invited to attended NUMATS Award Ceremony at Northwestern University. The university is ranked the 13th for national ranking per U.S. News and 28th worldwide. The ceremony is on a Saturday. We’ll do a self-guided tour while we are there. Here’s a list of Evanston attractions. Since it takes many hours to drive there and back home, we really don’t have much time for other sightseeing. Evanston is a suburban city, north of downtown Chicago, which we have been to many times. Since the University … Continue reading >>