Alaska, Here We Come

Day One (3-24-2014) We were so excited that we were flying to Anchorage. It was a long flight though. When we were getting off the airplane at our destination, the flight attendant gave every one of my children a captain’s wings pin. What a great way to start the trip. We picked the reserved rental car up. It’s a Dodge Caravan for comfort because we would be spending some time in the vehicle while on the road. The first thing I … Continue reading >>

Kincaid Park

The park was covered with snow. We saw people doing cross-country ski. There’s a big building next to the parking lot that had bathrooms and rooms for parties. Standing in front of the building, we could see a slope covered with snow, farther away, we saw Mt. McKinley, North America’s tallest peak at 20,320 feet, Mt. Susitna (Sleeping Lady), and Cook Inlet. After we enjoyed the view, as we were contemplating what to do next, we saw people were piling … Continue reading >>

Trans-Alaska Pipeline System

The 800 miles TAPS was built by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company from 1974 to 1977. It’s used for transporting crude oil from Alaska’s North Slope Prudhoe Bay to Valdez in the south due to the oil crisis in 1973. More than half of the pipeline was built above ground to prevent thawing of permafrost. TAPS major owner companies: BP, COP, and XOM. Next in the series: Having fun at Kincaid Park … Continue reading >>

Alaskan Husky Sled Ride

We made this appointment before our tip to guarantee our spot. It’s a beautiful sunny day. The Chena river was frozen and covered with snow. The owner, I’d call her K here, was very nice and looked rough. She drove a huge truck with dogs in the enclosed cargo bed. Alaskan huskies were hybrid. They were extremely cold enduring and very efficient sled dogs. K got us suited up with more coats/parka, boots, and warmer hats. All these turned out … Continue reading >>

The Smoke House

When we arrived, I was a little disappointed. I imaged it to be a traditional cabin but it’s a modern building. We went to the retail side of the door. There were some samples of different tastes of smoked wild salmon and the person there was super nice. We went to the fridge and looked around. The unit price for smoked wild salmon with garlic taste was $11.95 and $10.95 for a traditional taste, which was a better price than … Continue reading >>

Creamer’s Field, Wildlife Refuge and Nature Trails

The farmhouse was where the cows were once housed. The cows spent most of the year inside due to the cold weather. The most profitable business of this diary was, have a wild guess, ice cream! Wow, I never thought people in such cold place liked to eat ice cream. The grains in the manure attracted many birds here. Trees appeared from nowhere and flourished into a forest. A tree frog lives here. It’s frozen like a rock in the … Continue reading >>

Aurora Borealis

Around 10 pm,  we walked toward an observation log cabin that was built in the middle of a mountain in Chena resort. It’s dark without any post lights. When we looked up, we could see the light from the log cabin. That’s our only guidance. When we arrived, we were happy to see another family there. They were very nice people and acted as host to show us around, as we were clueless. They came from LA and that’s their second … Continue reading >>

Chena Hot Springs

I had been looking forward to soaking in the hot springs for a while. I went into the indoor hot tub first. The hot spring water looked dirty and murky in there. I tried to ignore it and be content. There’s an outdoor rock lake. In order to get there, one had to pass the cold passage before getting in the hot spring water. I hesitated. Mr. Adventurer went over there and told me that it’s very cold on the … Continue reading >>